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Paperless data entry for Corrective Action Work Orders and Self Audits that includes images of the findings and or deficiencies.

"Just by using KLEANZ on a day-to-day basis it automatically keeps up the required documentation that our auditors need.  This is now handled without our team having to invest any extra time or resources preparing for an audit." Craig Hagood / House-Autry Mills


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KLEANZ Your Guide To Raising The Bar In Food Safety Compliance

Are you challenged with meeting the highest standards in sanitation and quality control? Contrary to popular belief, “As needed” is not a sanitation schedule. But what does make sanitation scheduling? A modern food-processing environment requires more than a paper grid on the wall in a back office. Sanitation is not merely simple cleaning, but includes documentation of scheduled tasks, employee training, self-audit or inspection, and corrective actions.

Now more than ever, companies are striving to implement an efficient quality management system that will assist them in complying with industry regulations and standards. FSMA, GSFI GMP requirements, mandates by the FDA and the USDA such as ISO 22000, HACCP and HARCP based food safety management standards, require that Food & Beverage manufactures implement reliable safety and quality management systems. This is why leading companies have implemented the KLEANZ Food Safety Compland and Management software system. KLEANZ enforces compliance with standard operating procedures, provides quality trending and reporting capabilities, and enables you to take a proactive measure to improve quality operations.

KLEANZ is a single application thus reducing the number of systems to manage your quality processes as well as associated costs.  In addition, errors, omissions, and repeat incidents are eliminated, operations are streamlined, and manual processes are automated, further increasing investment and productivity.

Many organizations utilize KLEANZ, which provides a closed-loop process to documentation, reports, training, trainings records , step by step tasks, and inspections. KLEANZ provides all the steps in a well rounded food safety program, not allowing anything to get left out. One system to manage all the systems in a good food safety program.

In KLEANZ all your Master Sanitation Scheduling "Worksheets" are automated. Everything from MSS, daily tasks, change-overs, allergen change-overs and coorective actions are tracked from scheduling to completion providing you the documentation needed. Worksheets may be pre-assigned to a default employee or team to perform those tasks as well as any pictures and PDFs associated with that task. Forecasting reports allow you to balance your workloads including reports showing scheduled hours needed vs. actual hours worked, for the most effective use of your resources. Comparing expectations to actual performances is critical to achieving long-term goals.

In addition to your Master Sanitation Scheduling, KLEANZ has the ability to print on demand Allergen/Changeover worksheets and Pre-Op/Pre-Flight worksheets, providing you up to three levels of verification and allowing you to track "re-clean", with completion percentages. The Corrective Action Work Order system provides you a method to create and document events and problems that occur and are unscheduled task that come up during the production day. Allowing you the ability to correct the problem, assign task with detailed description of the work needed, list supplies, and include a picture, so that there is no question as to what corrective measure should be performed. The Root Cause is tracked and trended.

KLEANZ has a complete Inspection and Auditing tool that tracks food safety programs from start to finish. KLEANZ closes that critical gap in documentation and communication between QA/QC and Sanitation.  KLEANZ tracks Audits, tracks Inspections (internal, 3rd party, and government), and documents follow-up.  KLEANZ gives you the tools to log deficiencies with pictures, investigate them to determine root cause, propose corrective and preventive action plans, track and manage individual actions and measure effectiveness to ensure the root cause has been documented, identified, and eliminated.

Training records are created in the KLEANZ system for an employee when he or she is hired. The system ties the skill level of an employee to job responsibility and will not allow you to assign a task to a person without that person being trained and certified to perform those task.  The system alerts you when training is about to expire or when a change, such as an SSOP change requires re-training.  Food Safety Managers can easily identify the team members that are in danger of falling out of compliance with training requirements.  A library of unique images can be built and stored in KLEANZ tracking those Critical Control Points , as well as training materials such as books, manuals, videos, powerpoint presentations, etc.

Analysis/Accountability  is a critical part of Food Safety and the KLEANZ solution was developed based on this requirement.  The ability to quickly and easily use the data from the food safety portion of your company's operations is a necessity.  With KLEANZ, management can quickly uncover trends, review a detailed analysis of non-compliant items, including everything from daily work to budget information, general ledger, inventory supplies, performance evaluations, cost of performed tasks, employee history, forecasting, schedule planning, tracking of corrective work orders, tracking of assigned employee, completion percentages, associated cost, and more.  Reports may be exported into most standard formats.  KLEANZ Reporting make proactive knowledge-based decisions a reality.

KLEANZ also gives you the ability to run a paperless system with our new KLEANZ Mobile. KLEANZ Mobile allows the daily functions of KLEANZ to be run paperless on a hand held Phones, Tablets or PDAs, including audits, corrective action work orders, supervisor sign-off of those critical issues, worksheets, training, and more.  KLEANZ is a complete self inspection and auditing tool that features the essential documentation to assess and develop immediate and long term corrective solutions, allowing you to identify areas of deficiency prior to resulting in critical issues.

Imagine no longer having to pull countless three ring binders off of a shelf anytime a compliance question arises. By having the information in one system, KLEANZ makes compliance simpler. KLEANZ assist you in satisfying audit requirements and is a fully automated system for Food Safety and Sanitation. Don't manage your department without it.

Implementing KLEANZ and KLEANZ Mobile as your quality management system enables your organization to reduce compliance and business risk through increased awareness of quality related issues.  KLEANZ enables your company to manage all quality issues in one centralized system providing you an End to End solution.  Take a tour of KLEANZ and KLEANZ Mobile to find out why you should implement a quality system such as KLEANZ.


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For over 30 years Nexcor has provided customers, assistance in identifying deficiencies and supplying them with a specific course of action drastically improving the facilities in-house engineering and sanitation operations.

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