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CAMS Preventative Maintenance Management software was developed for the automated food manufacturing environment to help prevent, predict, track  and manage unscheduled downtime.  CAMS has been providing the industry over twenty five years with a turnkey solution for the automation or elimination of the paperwork involved in operating an efficient maintenance department.

Automate-Control-Simplify your department with the CAMS powerful Analysis reports that provide an in-depth understanding of the costs and performance associated with your facility.  This includes the lifecycle of machines, projects and personnel.  All reports export directly into a number of different formats including MS-Excel and MS-Word.  This allows you to take information directly from CAMS to be included into reports to upper management or for "what if" analysis.  ROI decisions are eased through automatically tracking equipment cost of ownership.

Reduce unscheduled downtimethrough effective work scheduling.  In CAMS, Preventative Maintenance Schedulingis very flexible, understanding that modern facilities frequently have production runs that do not allow enough scheduled downtime.  Because of this, CAMS allows you to print the PM sheets in a number of different ways.  For example: for only the down equipment or for all only the PM tasks that can be completed safely during production.  Overdue tasks are not "forgotten", they are clearly marked on the PM sheet for special attention.  A machine or area is able to have its PM Items assigned to the most appropriate interval and skill. In addition needed parts or supplies are listed on the worksheet and summarized.

Forecastingreports allow you to balance your workloads for the most effective use of your resources.  The PM Libraryfunction allows your staff to build the PM Items quickly by eliminating the need of typing the same information twice.  Nexcor offers data transfer services, in most cases, we can take useful data directly from your legacy system.  The Work Ordersystem allows for the one time short term and long term tasks to be tracked from entry through completion.  Works Orders that were created in response to inspections are easily tracked, demonstrating response. Archived Work Orders are available to be reviewed at any time.

With the CAMS Inventory Systemyou can be assured you have the parts you need when you need them. CAMS has always included Bar Coded Part Tagsfor the easiest inventory tracking.  CAMS tracks pricing from multiple vendors.  The cross reference function tracks what parts have been used on which machines.  The Purchase Ordersystem tracks spending to multiple General Ledger Accounts, even on the same PO.  Reorder and Over-Stock reports help you control your inventory.  The Inventory and Purchase Order systems have to-the-penny accounting to track spending, usage, and inventory. Parts Inventory and Purchase Order functions simplify tasks from Daily Usage to tracking Capital Projects.  CAMS has the ability to interface with most vendors web based purchasing system to reduce double keying of purchase orders.

The CAMS, Analysis Systemgives you the tools to tracking labor, breakdowns, spending, inventory, and inspections. These tools allow you to fine tune the PM cycle, determine what is breaking down and why along with where the money is going.

The CAMS, Training Systemallows you to track your staff's skills, training, and certifications.  When work is assigned to an engineer that  hasn't completed training, it is printed on the work sheet for the supervisor's convenience.  Re-certification warnings and reports help with OSHA compliance.  Training materials are tracked with the Media Library.  The Media Library allows you to display on-line Drawings, Photos, Manuals, and Videos.  Hot Spot adds the ability to make notes on the drawings and photos to assist in repair and training. Track who has used which training materials and when for a complete audit log.

Paperless!, there are many reasons for wanting to take CAMS mobile. The CAMS Mobile module extends the functionality of CAMS from the office to the plant floor, eliminating lost productivity.  By taking the power of CAMS right to the plant floor allow required maintenance to start sooner!

CAMS Mobile gives you the ability to create Work Orders with pictures in real-time as you or your staff are walking through the plant. Imagine having the ability to perform and document on the spot PM Follow-up Inspections and Formal Inspections taking the redundancies out of your daily routine.  No longer do you need to repeat tasks by writing it down and then key it in at your desk or remember what it was you wanted to write up. Document once and your done.  Using CAMS Mobile your maintenance department is able to conduct daily/weekly and periodic PM's paperless.

These are just some of the many opportunities that await you when you take your department mobile. We provide an End to End solution for your operations. Take a tour of CAMS Mobile to find out why you should take your department mobile.


Nexcor offers a broad range of training options to help you advance quickly on the learning curve, so you can be proficient with Nexcor Technologies applications and functionality to maximize your investment.

For over 30 years Nexcor has provided customers, assistance in identifying deficiencies and supplying them with a specific course of action drastically improving the facilities in-house engineering and sanitation operations.
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